Water Leak Detection (WLD) system

Early Water Detection is essential in a lot of businesses, for example, data centers, industrial sites, offices, hotels, residential buildings, and more. With the right detection of water and early alert, costly water damage can be avoided. HW group offers several products that provide ideal solutions for Water Leak Detection (WLD) that are developed to protect your facility against any water damage that might threaten you.

Water Leak Detection uses a sensing cable that detects water along the entire cable length and a WLD device (WLD2 / NB-WLD / ...) that can communicate an alarm in case of water occurrence (a few drops anywhere on the cable is enough). With the HWg monitoring eco-system (sensors + devices + SensDesk Technology portal), you get long-term reliable alerts, graphs, PDF reports, open API, remote device management, etc.

In Contrast to Water Leak detection with WLD sensing cable, there is Spot water detection with a Flood sensor that detects water in 1 spot (the detector has to be entirely flooded). This is a cheap but not reliable solution for water detection. We explained why in an article Water Leak Detection: Sensing cable versus Flood sensor.


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