HWg-SH3: IP-based Rack Access Control System with RFID

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HWg-SH3 is a cabinet IP Access Control System (ACS) with RFID interface. User database is configurable over the Web. Can be used as a stand-alone card access system with web management (Offline) or as a central cabinet Access Control System (Online).

  • You can open the door over the Web
  • RFID tag database can be edited over the Web
  • A door contact for detecting the state of the door (open/closed) can be connected
  • Uses an external RFID reader (127 kHz or 13.5 MHz support)
  • Detects entry with a key / forced entry / disconnected cable
  • Ethernet: RJ45 (10/100 Mbps)
  • WEB: Built-in Web server
  • Protocols: Syslog, SMTP
  • Electronic Swing Handles: Two HWg-SH1 (Southco H3-EM - Electronic Locking Swinghandle) supported
  • Inputs: 2 digital inputs for door contacts (front/back door)
Applications and usage: 
Remote Cabinets
  • Remote monitoring of cabinets
  • RFID door lock system
  • Remote access to Telco sites
  • Rack door remote control
  • Datacenter Access Control
HWg ACS (Access Control System)
  • Highway technology sites
  • Remote telecommunication cabinets
  • Railway systems
  • Pharmacies / Hospitals (addictive drugs)
  • Power line network
  • Water pipeline monitoring sites
  • Gas pipeline monitoring sites
  • Airports
  • Military protected areas
  • Security systems

    • IP surveillance systems
    • Independent WEB access control system
    • Technology cabinet remote monitoring


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HWg-SH3 is an autonomous cabinet access control system (ACS) with RFID. The database of authorized tags/cards can be managed remotely over the Web.
HWg-SH3 uses a local RFID reader and controls one or two swing handles (front and rear doors of a cabinet).  

The unit can be used as a stand-alone offline solution independent from any software. HWg-SH3 can be also used in online mode with access authorization against the HWg-DCD application.

HWg-SH3 is typically used in a remote cabinet, rack or box, which may be accessed by a few authorized users only. Authorized users can be changed remotely over the Web interface.

Access Control system in practice

HWg-SH3 is a universal IP based Access Control System solution.

  • Access Control system in practiceWith HWg-SH3 + RFID reader, you can see who opened the doors – if it was “Mr. White” or “Mr. Black”.
  • With HWg-SH3, you can use both modes (Online or Offline).
  • Offline mode means that you can edit the database over the HWg-SH3 web interface.
  • Online mode means working against a central database. The HWg-SH3 contains a “White list” of users that is used if the connection to the server is not available. Database is then stored on the central server with all detailed rules (Mr. White can open doors only from 9am to 5pm).



HWg-SH3: DataCenter RFID Access Control System

HWg-SH3: DataCenter RFID Access Control System