The HW group product portfolio includes three major domains: Environmental, system and process monitoring devices; technology for IP based serial interface system control and data logging and Access Systems.






IP Watchdog


  • WLD2

    WLD2 is a WiFi / Ethernet water leak detector with support for WWW, SNMP and PoE. To detect leaking liquids, it uses 4 sensing cables

Narrowband IoT devices

  • NB-2x1Wire

    Remote monitoring device with internal battery, connected to NB-IoT cellular network with external sensors (temperature, humidity, Voltage, ..).

  • NB-2xIn

    An easy to use device with Narrowband IoT connectivity for monitoring digital inputs in remote places.

  • NB-2xOut

    NB-IoT device with two relay outputs, that can control remote technology manually or based on conditions.

  • NB-WLD

    NB-WLD is a water leak detector with Narrowband IoT connectivity. It uses a very sensitive detection cable.

SD Devices

I/O Controller



  • HWg-SH4

    An access system for opening any kind of electromagnetic lock with any RFID reader.

  • HWg-SH4e

    The HWg-SH4e a door unlocker subordinated to the HWg-SH4 unit. HWg-SH4e unit opens two electromagnetic locks.

  • HWg-SH4s

    The HWg-SH4s a door unlocker subordinated to the HWg-SH4 unit. HWg-SH4s unit opens one electromagnetic lock.