Damocles 1208

Damocles 1208 is a device with 12 remote inputs and 8 outputs over Ethernet with Web interface. M2M communication for connection to SNMP and SCADA systems. Pulse counters on digital inputs. E-mail and SNMP trap notifications of input state changes. Box-2-Box mode - outputs can be controlled over the LAN by another device.

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  • Pulse Counter: 32. bit counter on each Digital Input (for connecting S0 pulses)
  • M2M communication protocols: SNMP, XML, Modbus/TCP
  • Box-2-Box mode: Outputs are activated by alerts from other devices (Poseidon / Damocles)
  • Ethernet: RJ45 (10BASE-T)
  • WEB: Built-in web server
  • Inputs: 12 digital inputs (for dry contacts)
  • Outputs: 8 digital outputs (open collector, max. 24V)
  • Reaction to changes at the input: SNMP trap, Email (editable text)
Applications and usage: 
  • Remote equipment monitoring
    Monitoring of A/C, UPS, security system status (status relays)
  • Energy consumption monitoring
    Counting of pulses from electricity / water / gas meters. Conversion to price using HWg-PDMS in MS Excel.
  • Alarm alerts
    Turning on a warning light or a horn upon alarm at another unit (over the network, Box-2-Box mode)
  • UPS and back-up generator monitoring: Fuel level, diesel generator status, remote start over IP
  • Security systems
    • IP surveillance systems (external sensors)
    • Equipment status, access control systems
  • SCADA: Connection of external inputs to multiple independent systems

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Damocles 1208 provides 12 digital inputs (DI) and 8 digital outputs (DO) that can be remotely controlled over the Web. Inputs and outputs can also be controlled using M2M protocols over IP (SNMP, Modbus/TCP, XML over HTTP). As Damocles 1208 is an industrial model, it can be mounted to a DIN rail. In a typical application, Damocles 1208 is used to connect I/O over the Ethernet. Digital outputs can match the digital inputs of another unit (Box-2-Box mode).