Sensor WLD Relay 1W-UNI

A universal WLD (Water Leak Detection) sensor, with one WLD sensing cable input and 2 kinds of outputs.

  • Relay Output: Sensor WLD Relay requires an external 12V power supply, OK / Water / Disconnected states of WLD detection input are signaled by relay output (NO/NC).
  • 1W-UNI (RJ11) Output: Sensor WLD Relay is connected by RJ11 cable to any HWg device (STE2, Poseidon, Ares, ...) as a standard external sensor. 

Sensor WLD Relay is input for one WLD zone. Several sensors can be used with one Poseidon / Ares device for WLD detection in several zones.

The WLD sensing cable detects water along the entire length of the cable. Soaking or interrupting of cable can switch the relay contact.

WLD Relay is part of HWg Monitoring Ecosystem (sensors + devices + SensDesk Technology portal), that gets you long-term reliable alerts, graphs, PDF reports, open API, remote device management, etc. The right Water Detection and early alert are essential in a lot of businesses, for example, data centers, etc. Water Leak Detection System from HW group is a complex solution developed to protect your facility against costly water damage that might threaten you.

>> Read the article about Water Leak Detection (WLD) System.

  • External WLD sensor for all RJ11 (1W-UNI) devices (Poseidon2, Ares, STE2, ...)
  • Sensor WLD Relay 1W-UNI is powered from RJ11
  • WLD input is 1 water detection zone up to 185 meters
  • Even the smallest volume of water, ethylene glycol, or other conductive liquid is detected anywhere along the entire length of the sensing cable
  • WLD by HWg is unique long-term stable technology because of none Bend / Twist / Grip limits
Applications and usage: 
  • Water leak detector for security systems
  • Water detection under raised floors
  • Leaky pipe detection (cable wrapped along the pipe)
  • Protection against floods from roof lights (sensing cable routed along the walls)
  • Detection of water leaks in drip trays
  • Detection of water leaks under air-conditioning outlets


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WLD relay installation

Sensor WLD Relay can be used as a Standalone WLD sensor (power + relay output) or as a 1W-UNI sensor connected to any STE2, Poseidon2, HWg-Ares, or other HWg devices.

WLD relay and sensing cable installation

WLD relay with WLD sensing cable - use caseWLD sensing cable

WLD sensing cable detects liquid along the entire length of the sensing cable. Even a few drops of water, ethylene glycol, or other conductive liquid trigger the alarm. WLD sensing cable is re-usable (cable can be cleaned, dried & used again).

WLD sensing cable features

  • No Bend limit: WLD sensing cable is not limited by any bending radius. 
  • No Twist limit: WLD sensing cable can be twisted as any other electrical cable. 
  • No Grip limit: Water detection functionality is not limited by point pressure within a reasonable range.

WLD cable qualities

WLD cable components

WLD sensing cable is supplied in length from 2m to 50m and can be extended by a non-sensing WLD prolong cable.

Sensor WLD Relay supports connection of 1 sensing cables (1 WLD zone). WLD zone can consist of up to 185 m (60 m for NB-WLD) of cable (sensing and prolong together).


Why is Water Leak Detection system better than Flood detector

Water Leak detection vs. Flood detectionWater Leak Detection with the sensing cable is more expensive than simple spot water detection. However, WLD provides a much faster reaction to any water in the room. Thanks to the early alert significant damages to IT or other infrastructure can be avoided. Water Leak Detection with sensing cable is recommended in IT, data centers, technology, the medical sector, or anywhere else, where any water damage would be highly expensive.

Proper Water Leak Detection with a sensing cable helps you avoid costly damages thanks to an early alert that is triggered by the first few drops of liquid. Learn more about the difference between the WLD system with sensing cable and water spot detection in the application note.

 >> Water Detection: Sensing cable versus Flood sensor


Sensor WLD Relay - HWg Video Flyer

Water Leak Detection system components

HWg Video about Water Leak Detection system and it's components

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