HWg-SMS-GW: GSM gateway

HWg-SMS-GW is a gateway that enables HW group products to send text message alarms. Send SMS alarms from all HW group products in your LAN. No software needed, works over a LAN at the Box-2-Box (Peer-to-Peer) level. Save administration costs and effort – use only a single SIM for all your devices.

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  • Use just a single SIM to send SMS alerts from all HW group products
  • No software needed - Text message alarm can be sent directly from individual HW group devices in the LAN using the Box-2-Box (Peer-to-Peer) mode
  • HWg-Trigger sends SMS alerts in case of failure of any HW group device in the network
  • Take advantage of Nagios SMS alerts
Applications and usage: 
  • Remote SMS gateway for HWg devices.

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IP sensors and other HW group products in the same LAN can send SMS alerts over HWg-SMS-GW LAN alert gateway. The alarm recipient's phone number is configured in the IP sensor where the alarm originates.

HWg-SMS-GW can be also used to send text messages from HW group software applications (HWg-Trigger, HWg-DCD and more).
A Nagios SMS alerts plugin is also available. HWg-SMS-GW confirms the receipt of the alarm SMS in its internal memory, no messages are lost. The communication protocol and examples are available in the HWg-SDK.

Simplify your system by using a single SIM card to send SMS alarms from all HW group products. However, we strongly discourage the use of pre-paid SIMs, it is recommended to use a regular post-paid plan.


  • No software needed to send text message alerts, Box-2-Box mode works peer-to-peer over the LAN
  • Web-based configuration
  • Recipient's phone number is configured in the IP sensor device (software). One HWg-SMS-GW can send messages to dozens of different recipients.
  • Supports a “SMS + Ring” function that dials a call to the sms alert recipient's number and lets it ring for a short time
  • External antenna simplifies usage in a data center
  • Quad-Band GSM modem works with GSM coverage anywhere in the world
  • Examples for programmers on using the product are available in the HWg-SDK (Borland C++, MS Visual C, VB, C#, PHP, JAVA and more)




Sending SMS alerts from Poseidon units over the LAN

  • The Box-2-Box mode (peer-to-peer over LAN) is used, no special software is needed
  • HWg-SMS-GW contains a SIM card and sends text message alarms on behalf of three different IP sensor units
  • Recipients' phone numbers (Mr. Blue, Mr. Yellow and Mr. Green) are configured in each IP sensor unit
  • Together with the text message, it is also possible to call the recipient to let the phone ring


Product monitoring with HWg-Trigger


  • HWg-Trigger monitors the function of other products (Poseidon 3266, HWg-STE Push, Damocles 1208, Poseidon 4002) over LAN
  • If a product is inaccessible or fails, a SMS alert is sent using HWg-SMS-GW in the same LAN
  • Recipients' phone numbers (Mr. Purple, Mr. Green) are configured in HWg-Trigger
  • HWg-SMS-GW contains a SIM card and sends text message alarms to different phone numbers


Alerts to events: HWg-Trigger

HWg-Trigger software allows to react to events. For instance, “If the device at the address X does not work, do Y”. The software runs on Windows in the background and keeps checking the configured conditions.

  • Monitors IP sensors in the LAN: sends a SMS if a sensor is disconnected
  • Monitors IP sensors in the LAN: sends a SMS in case of device failure
  • Monitors IP sensors in the LAN: sends a SMS in case of sensor value out of Safe Range
  • 30-day trial version is free of charge
  • Runs in the background as a Windows service (NT service)




Nagios SMS alerts


  • Nagios NMS monitors other devices using SNMP
  • In the Nagios system, a plugin enables SMS alerts over HWg-SMS-GW gateway
  • The plugin configuration includes the phone numbers of text message alert recipients
  • For details about obtaining and using the Nagios plugin, see the product manual
  • The plugin was created in cooperation with Netways