Poseidon 3268

Ethernet temperature / humidity monitoring with 2 relay outputs and 4 dry contact inputs (Web, SNMP, and E-mail). Output relays can be controlled over the Web.

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  • Sensors: 1xRJ11 1-Wire (max 5 temperature / humidity sensors)
  • Inputs: 4 dry contact inputs (for detectors)
  • Outputs: 2 output relays (24 VDC)
  • M2M protocols: SNMP, XML
  • Sending SMS: With external software only
  • Response to thresholds: SNMP trap, E-mail
Applications and usage: 
  • IT – control: switch on/off or restart connected devices
  • Security: supervising of sensors in IT rooms.
  • SCADA systems: connecting of external inputs
  • Monitoring of back-up power source: UPS and Diesel engines
  • Monitoring of operating conditions: (temperature and humidity)
  • ICT technologies (fire, security and phone systems)
  • Logging of processes: storages, cold-storage rooms, freezers and fridges (food industry and pharmacy)
  • IT – monitoring: server rooms, 19“ racks (ICT)
  • Camera systems: external sensors connecting(door contact, PIR)
  • Large buildings: heating and air-condition optimalization
  • Systems interconnecting: fire (EPS), security (EZS), access system
  • Air-condition monitoring: temperature and evaporated water leaking
  • Supervising systems: Information points, ATM, terminals

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IT environment monitoring system with an option to directly control its digital outputs. Poseidon 3268 is a unique IP device with 2 relay outputs (NO/NC), 1Wire connector for temperature and humidity sensors and 4 dry contact inputs. When a dry input contact is closed, Poseidon sends an e-mail or a SNMP trap. Output relays can be controlled over the Web. In a typical application, Poseidon 3268 controls the environment in cabinets equipped with a fan. Critical temperature or door being opened alerts are sent to a central system then. Poseidon 3268 is also frequently used to restart a server or A/C unit remotely.