Poseidon 3266

Temperature / humidity measurement and monitoring of 4 dry contacts over a LAN (Web, SNMP, E-mail). A MS Excel reporting software with is graphs included for free.

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  • Sensors: RJ11 1-Wire (max 5 sensors) - Temperature & humidity
  • Inputs: 4 dry contact inputs (for detectors)
  • M2M protocols: SNMP, XML and Modbus/TCP
  • Sending SMS: SMS can be sent by remote "SMS GW" device without any additional software (netGSM function).
  • Response to thresholds: SNMP trap, E-mail
Applications and usage: 
  • Security: supervising of sensors in IT rooms.
  • SCADA systems: connecting external DI and sensors
  • Monitoring of back-up power source: UPS and Diesel engines
  • Monitoring of operating conditions: (temperature and humidity)
  • ICT technologies (fire, security and phone systems)
  • Logging of processes: storages, cold-storage rooms, freezers and fridges (food industry and pharmacy)
  • IT – monitoring: server rooms, 19“ racks (ICT) Camera systems: connecting external sensors (door contact, PIR) Large buildings: heating and air-condition optimization
  • Systems interconnecting: fire (EPS), security (EZS), access system
  • Air-condition monitoring: temperature and evaporated water leaking
  • Supervising systems: Information points, ATM, terminals

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A universal solution for environment monitoring, controlled over IP. Poseidon 3266 is a SNMP and web enabled monitor (temperature, humidity, dry contacts), which alerts the administrator by sending e-mails or SNMP Traps in case a value is out of its defined range. Four digital inputs (dry contacts) can be used for connecting door contacts, smoke detectors, water flood detectors, detectors of cooling fan failure or 230V supply monitor. In a typical application, Poseidon 3266 monitors an environment and controlling the doors in cabinets or technology rooms (telecommunication nodes, rack rooms, server rooms).