STE2 LITE is a simple-to-use LAN & WiFi thermometer for remote locations measurement. Whenever a temperature exceeds the specified range an e-mail notification is sent. With external SMS-GW-LTE or Portal service it can also alert you with an SMS or Voice call. 

Even though there is only one RJ11 port, STE2 LITE can monitor up to 4 sensor values from external sensors (Relative Humidity, CO2, VoC, 4-20mA and others).  Several RJ11 sensors can be daisy-chained. Also one physical sensor can measure several values (°C + %RH = 2 values).

The STE2 LITE package includes Temp-1Wire 1m temperature sensor and a 5V international power adaptor.

  • Connectivity: LAN, WiFi
  • 1x RJ11 port (1W-UNI) up to 4 sensor values
  • Temperature sensor 1m included in the retail package
  • Power adapter (International = EU, UK, US) included in the retail package
  • SMS messages & Voice Calls available with SMS-GW (external device) or Portal usage
  • Product features: HTTPs (customer certificate), Open API (SNMP, XML)
  • Standalone Monitoring product (Portal is just an option)
  • Default portal (optional): (free service)
  • Compatible portals: SensDesk Technology
  • Mobile App: HWg Monitor (LAN or Portal)
Applications and usage: 
  • Remote temperature alert sensor (Server environment, A/C unit cooling failure alert).
  • Simple to use server room environment monitoring.
  • Food storage (control of storage conditions, creation of HACCP logs using application software).
  • LAN/WiFi thermometer which can be integrated with 3rd party SNMP system or with Portal (SensDesk Technology).

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The default temperature sensor can be replaced by Temperature/Humidity on a 3m cable. Several sensors can be daisy-chained from the RJ11 port. One physical sensor can measure several values (°C + %RH = 2 sensor values). Max limit of STE2 LITE is 4 sensor values in total.

Compatible Sensors



Setting the device

  • Check the First Steps page or product PDF manual. 
  • Connect the STE2 LITE Thermometer to the network via a LAN or the built-in WiFi antenna.
  • The device has a built-in WEB server, you will need only a standard web browser. HTTPS is also supported.
  • Connect external sensors
  • Define Alerts


Alarming and displaying of sensor values

When the measured temperature (Relative Humidity, Voltage, ..) on the external sensor(s) exceeds the defined Min-Max range (Safe Range), the STE2 device sends an email alert.

Email alerts from the device

  • Use 3rd party SMTP server and send email alerts from the STE2 device directly.
  • For long-term alerting stability be careful about using "public webmail" SMTP server like and others. We do not recommend using these services, they are changing their security requirements in time and customers can simply lose alarm from the device.
  • We recommend using the Portal ( for free) & send email alerts from the Portal. It's long-term and more reliable.

Alerting via external SMS Gateway

  • SMS-GW3 or SMS-GW3 LTE are physical gateway devices from HW group with LAN interface.
  • One SMS GW can be used for forwarding alerts from several devices on the same LAN.
  • An alert can be sent as SMS or Voice call to a defined phone number.
  • No portal or software is required.

Sensor values display in your pocket (on the wall): HWg Monitor

  • The HWg Monitor is a Mobile App (Android or iOS) for displaying of sensor values
  • Data input: LAN devices (All HWg products) / Portal user account
  • All sensor values are on one screen.
  • Showing preferred sensors on the widget.

Free Portal service:

  • The is a free service from HW group for up to 20 devices in one user account.
  • Alerting: An email alert can be sent from the portal (higher long-term reliability compared to public SMTP server)
  • Alerting: Device Invalid (disconnected) alert from the portal is available
  • Simple alarm escalation is available (emails only)
  • Sensor value graphs are available
  • Switching remote relay output based on sensor values.
  • Central alerts overview & management.

Paid Portal service (Portal providers)

  • SensDesk Technology portal (SaaS or On-premise)
  • Email, SMS, Voice call alerts
  • Multi graphs with several years of history
  • User account API: SNMP or XML
  • Reports (PDF)
  • Multi-users accounts
  • Check the Portal Providers list to find your local service provider.


Follow our application notes


HWg Video Flyer about STE2 LITE

STE2 Video manuals

To give you a closer look at how STE2 device works, we have prepared a new series of video manuals. In these videos, we will explore the STE2 r2 device in more detail.

>> View the whole STE2 R2 video manual series

>> Watch the STE2 playlist on HWg YouTube channel



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