WLD A connection cable 2m

2m cable for connecting the WLD sensing A cable to the green WLD zone input on the device.

  • WLD Connection cable (the "WLD A connection cable 2m" package) includes a terminator for terminating the end WLD sensing cable.
  • WLD Connection cable does not detect water flooding, but you need it to connect a special connector on the WLD cable to the green connector on devices with an input for the WLD detection zone.
  • WLD Connection cable can be cut and extended using an ordinary 2-wire cable. Respect the total maximum length of the WLD zone (60 / 185m)


Note: If the system reports "2 = Sensing cable disconnected", check the termination of the terminator at the end of the WLD sensing cable.

  • Connection cable for connecting external WLD sensing cable to the device with WLD zone input.
  • Every single WLD zone require this connection cable.
  • WLD terminator included
  • Non-sensing 2-wire cable (can be easily extended)
Applications and usage: 
  • Every single WLD zone require this connection cable.

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