NB-WLD is a remote monitoring unit with one WLD zone (Water Leak Detection), internal battery, and NB-IoT (NarrowBand IoT) connectivity (sim card can be included). Water is detected along the entire length of the WLD sensing (detection) cable.

NB-WLD is powered by an internal battery or an external power adaptor. There is 1 zone of WLD sensing cable (total wiring length up to 60m with non-sensing prolong cable included).

Thanks to fast detection of the first water drops anywhere on the WLD sensing cable can NB-WLD prevent substantial damages to the infrastructure.

NB-WLD is an IoT Monitoring device, which means it has to be connected to any SensDesk Technology-based portal. All the SMS / Email alerts, PDF reports, and central device management is realized from the portal.

Manufacturer provides limited free of charge portal service (HWg-cloud.com) and paid service (SensDesk.com), check the Portal providers for other available portals.

  • One sensing zone detection input for WLD sensing cable (Type A)
  • Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) connectivity
  • In default NB-IoT simcard is included (3 years connectivity)
  • Internal battery (non-rechargeable) with up to 3 years lifetime
  • External 5V DC power
  • Compatible with any SensDesk Technology portals
  • Easy setup to the portal with a few clicks (HWg-cloud in default)
  • Free portal (HWg-cloud) available with simple email alerting
  • Metal housing, DIN and rack mount available
Applications and usage: 
  • Detection of water leaking from pipes (WLD sensing cable can run alongside the pipes)
  • Liquid penetration from the next room (sensing cable laid alongside the walls)
  • Water in Datacenters (under raised floors / above suspended ceilings)
  • Detection of water leaks under A/C outlets
  • Liquid detection in buildings

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WLD sensing cable features

  • Liquid is detected along the entire length of the WLD sensing cable.
  • WLD sensing cable Type A detects even the smallest volume of water, ethylene glycol, or other conductive liquid anywhere on the total length of the cable.
  • WLD sensing cable is re-usable (flooded cable can be cleaned, dried & used again)
  • Zone detection states: OK / Flooded / WLD cable disconnected
  • No Bend limit: WLD sensing cable Type A is not limited by any bending radius. Sensing cable can be knotted and still works properly.
  • No Twist limit: WLD sensing cable Type A can be twisted as any other electrical cable. 
  • No Grip limit: Water detection functionality is not limited by point pressure within a reasonable range.

Liquid is detected along the entire length of the WLD sensing cable.

SensDesk Technology portal is required

The SensDesk Technology is a portal solution from the HW group to manage remote sensors and devices (only for HW group products). Portals offer a central overview of all the values and provide a variable combination of features like sending the alarms, reporting, history record, outputs into the Open API etc.

  • NB Device has to be connected to any SensDesk Technology-based portal (SaaS).
  • There are several Portal providers available, users can migrate the device between their portals.
  • Manufacturer provides a limited free portal (HWg-cloud.com) as the default pre-configured option.
  • Even the free & limited portal service (HWg-cloud.com) can send email alerts and offers basic remote device management.
  • One of the available portals is paid service www.SensDesk.com
    • Several subscription plan options
    • SMS / Voice call alerts to any mobile phone
    • Graphs / MultiGraphs (data history)
    • PDF reports
    • Email alerts/alarm escalation
    • Open API: All sensor values are available via XML / SNMP protocols



NB-IoT connectivity

  • Can be used in most of the countries with an included SIM card
  • Included SIM card is prepaid for 3 years (can be extended)

Subscribed device (delivered with prepaid NB-IoT SIM card)

The default version of this product is called "subscribed". It's delivered with 3 years prepaid NB IoT SIM card included by the HW group. Connectivity is provided by Vodafone, the device can be used in most countries. Remote device management and sensors monitoring are available via SensDesk Technology-based portal service. Contact us for details.

3rd party SIM card for NB-IoT

You can use your own sim card for NB-IoT network (not LTE) connectivity. Data can be delivered to your own hosted installation of the SensDesk portal. It's recommended for projects with 100+ devices.
Contact us for details.


Recommended products

WLD A prolong cable 5m

Prolong non-sensitive cable 5m for WLD type A. Can be extended to up to 100m in total.

WLD A connection cable 2m

2m connection cable for connecting HWg-WLD with WLD - A cable.

WLD sensing cable A - 50m

Water leak detection cable A - 50m for use with HWg-WLD and HWg-WLD Relay.

WLD sensing cable A - 2+50m

Water leak detection cable A - 2+50m for use with HWg-WLD and HWg-WLD Relay.

WLD sensing cable A - 2+10m

Water leak detection cable A - 2+10m for use with HWg-WLD and HWg-WLD Relay.